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What Royal Kitchen Looks Like

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Everything about royal families is always get our attention. Let’s admit that it may be associated with fairy tales and stories that built our childhood dreams. Today, it can’t be denied that the hottest royal family is The Duke of Cambridge’s family. They help to create new trend in fashion and lately, trend in home decoration. We know it from the latest releases from Sub-Zero and Wolf that The Duke’s family choose their products for new kitchen in their Norfolk’s mansion.

Sub-Zero and Wolf

Sub-Zero is known as high end brand of refrigerator with lines of products accentuating both advanced technology and artistic modern look while Wolf is the leading brand for luxurious kitchen appliances and kitchen vanities. It is believed that the royal couple’s house in Sandringham has Sub-Zero refrigerator and Wolf’s wall open on its kitchen. It is also said that the kitchen has drawers and induction cooktop from Wolf’s although there’s no official confirmation on this. However, the Daily Mail’s article confirms that the royal couple is really in favor of both brands. The article reported that Sub-Zero and Wolf products are chosen for the new kitchen improvement replacing the old kitchen on their Norfolk mansion.

According to that article, the old kitchen including the handcrafted worktops are to be ripped off and new kitchen will be installed. The new kitchen design will reflect the royal couple’s personal taste. Like their Sandringham’s country house, the royal couple also choose Sub-Zero refrigerator and Wolf kitchen appliances for the kitchen in the Norfolk Mansion. The choice of this royal couple is like a seal of royal approval for both brand and we can expect that products from both brands will become new trends in kitchen decoration. Both Sub-Zero and Wolf are expecting positive growth on its sales after that report published. Well, people would love to feel royal kitchen experience, wouldn’t they?

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