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What Colour of Granite Kitchen Island that Best-fit Your Kitchen?

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Granite kitchen island is not only has good function but also can be an effective way to present nice visual look and colour to the kitchen. Granite is one of the well-liked materials that used as countertop rather than other types of stone. Granite offers cool and elegant look combined with different kinds of kitchen island base.  Some models of granite also show classic look to the kitchen. Though the price is a little bit expensive compared with other materials, granite is high quality materials since it resists from any scratch and stain, stand from heat, and has good durability.

 Black Granite Kitchen Island

Granite Kitchen Island On Wheels

Granite Kitchen Island Table

Granite Kitchen Island With Seating

Granite kitchen islands are available in abundance colours. Creamy white and deep gray colours are very suitable for classic or country kitchen design. Other light colours of granite will be best-fit dark kitchen island base such as black or deep cherry wooden kitchen island. Conversely, dark colours of granite like black will match well with white kitchen island base. What kinds of granite colour that you choose for the countertop, it should be cleaned regularly so that it always look clean and sparkling. For daily cleaning you just need to do it with soap or water cleaner. Moreover, to prevent it from serious damage, you should check the surface from any scratch.

Granite Kitchen Island

Granite Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Island Countertop

For clean and stylish appeal, black granite kitchen island is the right choice.  The black granite countertop is an ideal place to do the kitchen works.  The black colour of granite also offers sleek and elegant appeal combined with wooden kitchen island base. Black granite countertop can provide attractive look if it is mixed with white colour of the kitchen island base or other shelving and storage. Black granite countertop exactly will look really stunning in the kitchen with have enough light. The good lighting will boost the attractiveness of the stone.

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