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Tips for Looking Antique Kitchen Island for Rustic and Vintage Kitchen

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Kitchen is the heart of the home, we often heard about this quote. It means kitchen should be a warm place to gather with family members for cooking, dining, and talking about routines. On the aesthetic purpose, a kitchen should keep its beauty and style eventhough there are many possible damaging things, such as oil, stains, and more. To add more important, yet decorative elements in the kitchen, how about placing an antique kitchen island? It will make your kitchen looks unique, moreover if you already have kitchen with rustic and vintage touch. The kitchen island will complete your kitchen in no time.

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Antique Kitchen Island Ideas

If you really consider antique kitchen islands as one of the kitchen units, there are various models of kitchen islands that come with different shapes and sizes. The first step that you should go through before buying is measuring your kitchen size. Use a wide blanket and spread it on the kitchen floor where you want to place a kitchen island to get an idea about its size. An antique thing does not mean you have to spend much money for buying it. Instead, go search for things that can be reused. Old things usually have interesting details that give the vintage and rustic look.

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Antique Kitchen Island

Antique Kitchen Islands

For example of antique kitchen island ideas, an old vintage buffet. This furniture item can be reused as kitchen island. Usually it was made from wooden materials and have the function as storage. Considering its unattractive colors because of ages, you can repaint and polish it nicely so the interesting details will be visible. You can also modify it like putting on wheels so the kitchen island can be moved everywhere. Industrial tables also good choice, moreover if you are into DIY things. You can modify the table, give a new look by adding wood top, sanding, and repainting the tables into bright and warm colors that will match the others furniture items in the kitchen.

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