Cabinet Trends 2014

The sophisticated colors of the cabinet trends 2014

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Decorating the kitchen with the sophisticated and interesting design is the needed. Nowadays, the modern house gives the comfortable design for all the rooms in the house, not only for the living room or the bedroom. For attracting your attention, people choose to place the big and sophisticated cabinet in the kitchen. Then, what are the cabinet trends 2014 which have established? Let us take a look at how luxurious they are.

Cabinet trends for 2014 are supported with the bright colors choosing. Commonly, people choose to paint their cabinet for giving the statement of the kitchen or providing the harmony of the house. The base color such as brown, cream and beige are the order of the day. People prefer to choose the surprising cabinet design with the beautiful color choosing for creating the vintage cool appearance of the cabinet. Here we give you the sweetest design of the kitchen cabinet 2014.

Plush purple

Plush purple cabinet trends

This is the color of the year. Purple become the sophisticated design of the interior design and fashion company in the recent years and the next years to come. Purple provides the stunning look that will create the visual richness and the simple unmistakable room. Then, choosing purple as the core of your cabinet will give the particular attention of the house decoration. You can combine the neutral shade for avoiding too much purple on your kitchen. That will be the beautiful cabinet that you ever had.

Sophisticated grey

Sophisticated grey cabinet trends

Do not ever think that grey are the traditional and left behind design for your kitchen. If you have the good taste, you will see that grey provides the warm and sophisticated style for your cabinet. Grey reflects the neutral color which bring more prominent of the surrounding object. You can choose the sleek and minimal kitchen design by painting your cabinet with the grey color.

Brilliant Array of Blues

Brilliant Array of Blues cabinet trends

As the favorite color for the houses in the world, blue give the beautiful, simple and ambiance color for the house. When you apply this color for your cabinet, you will get the turquoise, teal, navy and cyan appearance. For the modern house, kitchen is the multifunctional room which can be used for gathering with your family or friends. Then, the blue color will show the welcoming sight of your house. You will get 2014 cabinet trends on your beloved and beautiful cabinet with the brilliant array of blues.

Cabinet Trends 2014

Cabinet Trends For 2014

2014 Cabinet Trends

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