Kitchen Designs For 2014

The review of kitchen designs 2014

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Kitchen is the hearth of the rooms of the house. This is the busiest room. Every day, all of the family member will gather to enjoy the meals or even just share. Then, beautifying kitchen with the comfortable using and sophisticated design is needed for giving the warm atmosphere for your kitchen. Kitchen designs 2014 are created for the best kitchen design.

In 2014, the house designs are focused on the modern look with the utilization of the fresh and bright color. For the kitchen design, it is created in the stainless steel material which can be combined with some home character, such as minimalist, glamour or traditional theme. Here are the reviews of the 2014 kitchen design which are widely used for houses in all over the world.

Sconce lighting

Sconce lighting kitchen designs 2014

Lighting is one of the most important determinations in building and decorating the kitchen. Commonly, kitchen is placed in the corner or the back side of the house with the minimum natural lighting. Then, you have to give the adding lighting for your kitchen. In 2014, the popular lighting design which can be used for decorating the kitchen is sconces lighting. This is under cabinet lighting which is functional as the decorative and directed fixtures. You can find the various kinds of the fixtures such as in iron, black and aged brass. Those fixtures are replaced the chrome, stainless and metal materials.

Built in cabinetry

Built in cabinetry kitchen designs 2014

Built in accent for your cabinet is the newest design in 2014. You can set all of the cabinets narrow and tall on the counters beside the stove or other furniture. This cabinetry can be suited with your kitchen size and shape. The contrasting color and style are chose for the simple and interesting kitchen design. Most of the colors can be applied in this cabinetry design. The cabinetry can be combined with the warm metals for the inviting kitchen.

Slab backsplashes

Slab backsplashes kitchen designs 2014

This Kitchen Designs 2014 provides the materials from the nature for giving the harmony in your kitchen. The open space surrounding is suitable for this kitchen design. You can choose the large scale backsplashes for giving the clear appearance and wide kitchen design. Those showcases will be the vocal point of your kitchen. The various kinds of the materials and colors can be applied properly based on your taste such as limestone, marble or the wooden materials. Create your own kitchen design!

Kitchen Designs For 2014

Kitchen Designs 2014

2014 Kitchen Designs

2014 Kitchen Design

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