The Launching of UK Refrigeration by Hitachi

The Launching of UK Refrigeration by Hitachi

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Hitachi has launched the very first range of UK refrigeration in 17th July 2014. Just as the branding for the new refrigeration series, it will focus on developing products that will be suitable for the European market. The range of refrigeration that just been released will include three models that efficient in the usage of energy. There will be American-style side-by-side with 589-litre capacity alongside the two sizes of freestanding fridge-freezers that will be distributed furthermore by Argos. The interesting thing will be about the reception to this range of refrigeration. Many kitchens need proper equipments and it is interesting to see how these equipments being picked.

The Launching of UK Refrigeration by HitachiHitachi is known as the Japanese brand that invert technology used in the bullet trains in Japan. The similar technology will be features in this American-style fridge in order to make sure that the level of energy efficiency stays steady. The system will control the electricity fed to the refrigerator and maintain it. In the frost-free models of refrigeration, there will also be the LED lighting, flexible storage, nano-titanium filters and the glass shelving. All features included in the series of UK refrigeration are meant to make the refrigerator the best choice for customers.

The company, Hitachi is focused of the efforts to develop the high quality refrigerator that will be easy to be used by customers and will be affordable for the UK market. The company also added that the American-style side-by-side refrigerators are accounted for about 16% value of UK market. Customers may choose the color of metallic glass black or choose the metallic glass silver. With A++ energy saving rating and the features ice and water dispenser, the series of UK refrigeration is ready to hit the market. The fridge-freezer models are also featured A+ energy saving alongside other standard features.

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