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The Highest Spending Areas in this Year

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Home improvement is something undeniable. Everybody wants it to make their home looks better and more comfortable. Every year, the spending in home improvement is growing. In United States itself, the improvement looks high enough. How about this year? Where is the highest spending areas on home improvement? To answer it, the home builders association has estimated the home improvement spending at this year.
home improvement ideas

In America, the average spent of home improvement is about $5 million in every zip code. This data was obtained from NAHB. The improvement itself relates with new roof, landscaping and remodels. For the top spending zip code, there are Maryland, Texas and Illinois. There are more than 15,000 home owners with $145,000 income average at those areas. District of Columbia, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California also occupy at the top position.

Based on the cost of living, Virginia, Colorado and Utah reach the top position. Compared with the spending projection by state, Virginia, Colorado and Utah look take the high home improvement too. At least, it happens in 2014. At the bottom list, there is Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi and West Virginia. And for the bottom list of spending projection based on the cost of living, there is Alaska, West Virginia, New York, Maine and Hawaii.

What can you get from this data? The first thing that you need to know is about the flexibility on the schedule and the cost. If you live near the top of the list, flexible schedule and the good price is like something impossible. You cannot expect for this. But if you live near the bottom of the list, you can get more leeway. In the other words, you get more control to the schedule and have a good chance to get the lower price. But the decision is yours. You can decide to get home improvement this year or later.

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