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The best solution for designing the modern kitchen designs 2014

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In 2014, the brand new design of the kitchen ideas comes with the sophisticated and stylish design. The fresh design is created for the reconstruct the kitchen or the new one. The various smart solution for finding the modern kitchen designs 2014 can be done by removing or adding the parts of kitchen which you like or not. Then, it will increase the value of your house. Follow these tricks as the solution of your kitchen remodel.

Modern Kitchen Design 2014-1

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Kitchen layouts

This is the first steps that should be done for remodeling or building the kitchen. The layout can be chose based on your style and your needs. It will determine where the stove and fridge will be place. The function of the kitchen should be determined before creating the modern kitchen design. When you want to get the dinner parties, for example, you have to find the large place with the furniture installation. Do not forget to set the position of the windows, doors and the sockets.

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Modern Kitchen Design 2014-4

Kitchen budget

After having the kitchen layout, it is time for setting the budget. All of the furniture and the kitchen design should be based on the budget allocation. The designers suggest you to give at least 10% of the budget allocation for the emergencies. Commonly, for building the new kitchen, people spend £8,000. The budget is tentative and it is based on the design of the new kitchen. The kitchen budget should be covered all of the plumbing, installation, appliances and the electrics used.

Modern Kitchen Designs 2014-1

Modern Kitchen Designs 2014-2

Kitchen design ideas

Designing the modern kitchen style needs the simple changes on your current kitchen design. The simple changing can be done by refreshing the wall with the new color painting. Coloring the kitchen wall is less expensive than replacing the whole kitchen design. Choose the water based paint for the best result. Then, for creating the statement of your modern kitchen, the feature wall from the patterned wallpaper is the best solution. The tiles, backsplash and the wallpaper will attract you as the focal point of your modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Designs 2014-3

Modern Kitchen Designs 2014-4

Installing the beautiful and functional lighting is needed for beautifying your kitchen design. The spotlights on the counter will create the modern touch of your kitchen. the new shades of the light will speak more about the modern kitchen design 2014. For the flooring installation, the vinyl flooring is the smart solution which is available in the cheapest materials, while the more expensive come from stone and wood.

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