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How Much do Shiloh Cabinets Cost


When reading a web page about Shiloh Cabinets Review, in the midst of hectic comment my attention was fixed on the comment which asking about shiloh cabinetry cost. One website visitor launched a question about how much does it cost Shiloh cabinet discussed on the web pages. I think this is an interesting topic arises from a simply question about shiloh cabinets pricing.

how much do shiloh cabinets cost

Knowing the information about the pricing of a product you want to buy is really important therefore you can estimate the budget with the desired product requirement and quality you will get. The following I depict the screen-shot of comment from a web visitor (the name is hidden) about the shiloh cabinets pricing.

shiloh cabinets cost

shiloh cabinetry cost

Source : http://ths.gardenweb.com/discussions/2567037/shiloh-cabinets-initial-impressions-review

Basically the price of a Shiloh cabinet is determined by many factors such as the size, quality, and finishing. For the same size, the price could probably quite different because the cost also determined by the detail we requested to the company such as the type of wood used, whether using the island or not, the choice of color and many more. Some people said the Shiloh cabinet isn’t cheap but it within reason. Hope this information about cost of Shiloh is useful for those who looking for the new cabinets.

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Shiloh cabinets Customer Review – “Lovely Initial Impression”


The main idea of this post is to provide you the review about Shiloh Cabinet. Normally the reviews about Shiloh cabinet can be found by searching on internet through search engine. However the reviews provided there need to be filtered and sometimes contain bias Information. As the result you spent more time just for searching the desired information. This article is written with purpose to save your searching time 🙂

Maple Shiloh Cabinet


I got the valuable information at the gardenweb.com about Shiloh cabinets. There is a post written about the impressive impression given by Shiloh Cabinets at the first time buying. The customer said that they are built like tanks as expected. The plywood is used as the main construction where 1 ½” is used for the Boxes combine with ¾’ and ¼” veneer panels on the sides. This kind of configuration makes the heavy cabinets actually. No plastic at all even for the Drawers plywood also used with size of ¾”.

For the hanging Rails they used all wood as well. Moreover all of these things all are wrapped carefully in foam sheeting. The labeling also so impressive because it is computer-printed label. They put label for each cabinet well therefore the buyer can easily put where the cabinets should be installed. The finishing also looks beautiful particularly with its glazing is very consistent. It take place only in the spot where you'd expect it to be.

Before buying new cabinets it is recommended to read the review about the product you want to purchase. Above review only coming from one customer. It is positive review about Shiloh cabinets. However to get the best result you need to get another review then make the comparison.

Shiloh Cabinets Gallery

Image Source http://www.shilohcabinetry.com/gallery.html


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Shiloh Cabinets Reviews


Lines of Cabinets in Shiloh Cabinets Reviews

At this time there are so many things that can be found easily, even if you want to buy online there are so many reviews that can be obtained to support the decision in choosing the right store, if you ever think of coming to Shiloh Cabinets, perhaps most important to realize some of Lines of Cabinets in Shiloh Cabinets Reviews.

The company is present in the year 1977, with a kitchen and bathroom cabinets. All designed according to customer desires, is not only gradually for the bathroom and kitchen, but also an entertainment room and other areas of your home. There are dozens of door styles that are owned, diverse wood species, popular designs and more than 250 colors offered. In addition to having an existing design, you can also get the best deals on custom options are supplied complete with lots of accessories without the custom price tag.

Shiloh cabinet reviews

More than a decade the company has been synonymous with the best design that is extraordinary, sticking with diverse product lines complete with a strong commitment to build quality. The services provided are also very nice; a lot of customers who wrote in a consumer report were very pleased with their service. One part of the Lines of Cabinets in Shiloh Cabinets Reviews to be discussed is painted maple, has become one of the popular topics in all consumers.

The charm of painted maple is so impressive; it is of course dependent on the skill of the designer. Adding custom touches - spice cabinets for the gourmet cook, an under counter wine cooler, or a tile backsplash custom exhibits - all part of their repertoire. This offer comes with an unlimited choice of styles and finishes to doors, even their lead time of about 2 to 3 weeks.

Shiloh is a line of semi-custom, there is a wider door style and finishes selection of the other, and offers polished and brushed finishes at no extra cost. Shiloh Lead time is approximately 4-6 weeks. If you do not find a standard door, then there are other ways to solve it. Of course with a special custom for you, in addition to their own line of framed frameless lines that suits any contemporary needs.

Now the reviews about a variety of lines that can be found at Shiloh will not make you falter, there are plenty of other reviews can be found on various consumer sites. There are many positive comments starting from the collection, colors, door styles, even to the service and commitments.

Shiloh Cabinet Review for Your Consideration Before Buying

Shiloh cabinet reviews show that the quality of this company is really remarkable. There are many designs with different concepts that will spoil your eyes and confuse you in the comparative beauty that this company serves. The thing that should be noticed is that this company is a home for all wood cabinet. The wooden cabinet is made from the traditional designs to the latest one in an amazing detail and decoration. There are many colors that are provided to fill your desire in choosing colors. The designs from Shiloh cabinet are also customizable for you who love to decorate your home by yourself. The well made cabinet will never disappoint you even in a bit of mistake.

Many Shiloh cabinet reviews from customer said that this is the most recommended cabinet provider for decorating kitchen or bathroom. The materials of the cabinet are strong and durable. The cabinet surfaces are smooth and shiny that it will make your kitchen dazzling. The polish of the cabinet makes the appearance of the cabinet become luxurious and classic. The designs are made by remarkable designer that has been skilled in making cabinet designs.

Shiloh Cabinet Review on Service

Shiloh cabinet review shows that the service from Shiloh Company is remarkable and pleasing. This company always brings hospitality and comfort in serving their complaint or consultation. Many staffs of shiloh cabinet are said to be caring and patient by those reviewing Shiloh cabinet. Their staffs will give a thorough explanation about the cabinet, and will be ready to help you if you ask for direction in decorating the kitchen.

Many Shiloh cabinet reviews also said that Shiloh Company somehow has satisfied many people for its easy guarantee. The guarantee given never deceives the customer so there is no complaint about deceit in this company.


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