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Making Drastic Transformation to Brighten Up A Gloomy Bedroom


One of the biggest challenge in home remodeling would be to remodel a bedroom to accommodate a young couple with a baby. Parting the space for three areas for each person brings an absolute chaos. However, adding more works on the project gives a successful transformation into the room. The first thing to be done is to take out the mountain of things inside the bedroom. These stuffs have taken valuable size of space. Then, making a better room division is making the next step. Whether it’s the floor plan or new layout plan, make sure it will be enough to accommodate basic furniture, such as double bed and cabinets. Ensure daylight can pass through the room.

Making Drastic Transformation to Brighten Up A Gloomy Bedroom

Once you have completed with the layout of the bedroom, then find the perfect colour for the wall. As the mission is to brighten up the gloomy bedroom, white is used on most areas. However, adding chartreuse tone behind the bed for accent can lighten up the design. This accent walls brings flexibility on the room design in a simple way. Then, move to the flooring. Choose new flooring with qualities as durable, stylish and comfortable material. It will size up the space of the room and gives no hassle on the installation.

Put some effort on the final touch into the bedroom. As you have large window to get daylight into the room, put nice curtain that suits to the design. There are several curtain designs that you can use to brighten up the room. Wall to wall drapery can neaten the room and also give spot of soundproofing. Although your curtaining is meant to brighten up the room, you can add basic color with black fabric used on curtain panels. Last, make the right choice for bedding and linens. Trendy urban loft works like magic to transform gloomy bedroom into a bright one. With these easy steps, a big transformation is on its way to your gloomy bedroom.

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