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Installing the Best Countertop for Achieving The Modern Kitchen Ideas 2014

Countertop is the essential furniture for the kitchen. Most of people want to get the best design and materials for their countertops. The various design of the countertops come for giving the huge choices for your kitchen design. The modern kitchen ideas 2014 place the countertops as the special furniture that creates the beautiful look of your kitchen.

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The materials using of the countertops create the different function and design. The most popular countertop is created from the granite. This countertop provides the stylish and study material of the kitchen design. Then, quartz is the well-known alternatives to the granite countertops. It is durable and hard material for the long lasting countertop choice. You are allowed in choosing the colors that you like since it is available in the wide range of colors.

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Then, the soapstone comes with the variety of reason for choosing. The sleek look and the perfect application for the modern kitchen make this countertop is the best choice for you. The adding value of installing this countertop is that it will not affect from the acids such as the vinegar and the lemon juice. The soapstone is heat resistant and completed with the scratches and scrapes. The soapstone can be maintained with the regular buffing and oiling. It has the similar quality like the granite do.

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In 2014, the most popular countertop which is widely used for the modern kitchen design is the concrete countertop. The durable, eye catching countertop and the heat resistant is the complete package of the concrete countertop. It can be customized based on your kitchen shape with the various texture choices. The beautiful countertop with the drawbacks of the sheer weight gives the susceptible of the stains and damage of the liquid.

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modern kitchen ideas 2014-4

Then, the glass countertops create the more home atmosphere in your kitchen. The timeless look of the glass countertops can be applied in the all kitchen sizes. You will get the statement of your kitchen instantly. It is completed with the very heat resistant and has the protective of the stain easily. You will get the hygienic countertop which is completed with the fingerprints of the downside of the glass.

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Finally we are finish to the stainless steel countertops. This is the popular countertops for the modern kitchen design ideas 2014. The nonporous design of the stainless countertop provides the hygienic and clean kitchen countertop appearance. Make you decision for your beautiful kitchen ideas.

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Building the different look of modern kitchen trends 2014


Finding the appropriate modern kitchen trends 2014 for your home is not too difficult. The various information and review of the hottest information of the modern kitchen are available for you. The contemporary design which reflect the modern kitchen ideas provide in the clear kitchen appliances and the functional kitchen accessories.  These reviews of the modern kitchen will help you in finding the best kitchen design.

Modern Kitchen Trends 2014

Stylish kitchen colors

Color reflects the soul of the house. It can be transferred in the various choices for the special purpose, like kitchen. The traditional kitchen uses the beautiful and harmony colors for the countertops, kitchen cabinets, and Kitchen Island. The neutral colors and wood like surfaces are popular for the modern kitchen design. For the he neutral colors, 2014 comes with the gray and white colors which are widely used with the steel and black. Those combinations create the gorgeous and contrasting combination. They will be matched perfectly with the natural wood materials or the brown color.

modern kitchen 2014 trends

modern kitchen cabinets 2014

modern kitchen colors 2014

The utilization of the glass materials in the modern kitchen trends 2014 is widely used for creating the attractive front panels. It is installed for the cabinet doors. Then, the sophisticated and elegant look is proved from the deep black and the glossy glass color choosing. The elegant, simple and clean look on the all of the cabinets’ doors and the kitchen countertops are the trends for the modern kitchen. it creates the stylish and simple kitchen interior design.

Modern Kitchens 2014

High tech appliances

Utilizing the high tech appliance in the modern kitchen design is a must. Commonly, it is created from the stainless steel which gives the harmoniously integrated for the cabinets and all of the furniture installation. The modular units and the functional appliances are the characteristic of the modern kitchen design. For the arrangement, it can be mounted horizontally or vertically based on your taste and the kitchen interior design. Then, the rotating elements feature in the furniture provides the elegant design of the kitchen cabinet drawers and doors.

Modern Kitchen Design Trends 2014

modern kitchen ideas 2014

modern kitchen styles 2014

This is the most sophisticated design; you will get the touch control systems such as the tablet computer with the high resolution control panels. You are allowed to navigate the menu from the light touch for serving the futuristic feel on your modern kitchen design. For you who have the small kitchen, the coffee makers with sensors are available for the homemade drinks. The comfortable, functional and stylish design will be combined in the modern kitchen.

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