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IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Reached the Highest Rank in Customer Satisfaction


IKEA kitchen cabinet looks more promising. After getting the positive image about the quality, it reaches the highest rank in customer satisfaction too. This information obtained from J. D. Power. J. D. Power is one of the global marketing information company that focus on representing the customer’s voice. J. D. Power used 5 factors to identify the customer satisfaction rate. Those factors are design, price, ordering and delivery, warranty and operational performance. In this survey, IKEA ranked the highest customer satisfaction rate with the score of 789 from 1,000.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Reached the Highest Rank in Customer Satisfaction

IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Reached the Highest Rank in Customer Satisfaction

The survey involve 1,740 consumers to measure 10 companies. Based on the survey, IKEA get the highest score in price and warranty. IKEA kitchen cabinets is not just affordable. Compared with the competitors, IKEA looks more affordable. The product quality is also good. Beside it, IKEA kitchen cabinets offered with the long warranty. At the IKEA AKURUM system, customers can get 25 years warranty service.

IKEA also has the good service. Customer can create the dream kitchens with IKEA kitchen planner tool. They serve their customers with the best service too. Considering about this, this is make a sense for IKEA to get loyal customers. Even they reach the top ranking twice in three years. This is why Patty Lobell, the sales manager or IKEA U. S. feel so proud with this appreciation.

IKEA is not just giving the good service and the good product. They understand about the customer’s want. For this, they currently offers rebate up to 20% for the new kitchen with the specification 10% discount for $3,500 purchase and 20% for $4,500 purchase. This offer is valid through August 24, 2014. With the achievement, IKEA will be the most popular kitchen cabinets in United States. At least this is for one more year. Now, there are more than 340 IKEA stores in the United States and the other countries. From 43 countries or territories, IKEA covers 38 territories in United States. This is why IKEA has known as one of the biggest kitchen cabinet stores in the United States.

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The Essential of IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

The Essential of IKEA Kitchen Cabinets is a backbone of what they can offer to you, cabinets became best-selling varieties and of course comes with a variety of types and styles as the best solution to be used optimally in your kitchen. Their products are very unique, of course, you can find an amazing essential from IKEA.

Cabinet from IKEA comes to you with a special; they consist of the cabinet, the cabinet top and the shelf parts. You can go for tailor made solutions depending on your needs, the kitchen layout and equipment you need to fit in sinks and other equipment can be accommodated to obtain tailor-made solution that works best for you.

For size in general they provide a 15'', 18'', 21'', 24'', 30'' or 36 "wide; In to the cabinet 24'' and 12'' deep bottom to top There are other cabinet size are available too and you can choose them according to your needs. Most cabinets are available in single or double style doors. The key is to plan out what combinations work the best cabinet for you.

Today you can see a whole variety of them than what they can offer to you, you can mix all the styles they have and match it to your kitchen and its design, style, and the doors are not limited to IKEA. Of course, this way, you can find additional value and a graceful appearance.

As appropriate, to the height you can choose the best one of the many varieties that they provide. Plinths and legs are available in different heights to suit your needs. In addition, each leg can be adjusted to level out any irregularities in the underlying surface.

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