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Flexibility Offered In Arlington Group’s New Kitchen Display


Arlington Group has moved forward and begin to put its new Beeck Küchen display in its showrooms. It becomes the first release after Arlington Group officially becoming the exclusive UK agent for German kitchen brand starting earlier this year. The first display was spotted in Leeds at the beginning of this month. This kitchen supplier brings a unique design into the kitchen. The most notable design would be the double opening in S shaped kitchen cabinets. Giving a drastic change to kitchen cabinets design, this S shaped cabinets give flexibility into the kitchen. Arlington Group still adds pocket door system into this kitchen display. It brings more convenience to cook in this modern style kitchen.

Flexibility Offered In Arlington Group’s New Kitchen Display

The upcoming month, Arlington Group schedules to open new flagship showroom in Aberdeen that will feature up to 10 Beeck Küchen displays. It’s said that new orders for more displays are coming from the company’s showrooms in North Manchester and Hertfordshire. The director, Colin Abrahams released an official statement that the kitchen supplier is in an effort to find long-term partners for marketing Beeck. The partnership will directly aim for marketing premium kitchen brand at reasonable price. It shows a new direction in the company to embrace new target market.

Arlington Group is fully aware on the demand of affordable kitchen design. It makes a great market as shown in the demographic. The company has spent a couple of years to accommodate this demand. It works hard to make a slight progress during this depressed kitchen market. It offers new designs of kitchen cabinets that offer flexibility and freshness. It makes unique touch to the display. Other than the design, Arlington Group also takes unique routes to deliver its product to market. All the efforts are made to ensure clients able to thrives when the other companies are struggling.

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