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Fieldstone Cabinets Reviews

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Pros and Cons in Fieldstone Cabinets Reviews

Fieldstone Cabinets Reviews

Fieldstone Cabinets

Pros and cons are always interesting to talk about; as it concerns one cabinet product from a company it will be more interesting to be perfect information in the selection of quality cabinet. Pros and Cons in Fieldstone Cabinets Reviews may help you to consider the decision, it is often the case and is very natural that comments that appear not only excellence but customer disappointment.

One example is a counter that comes from a customer who spent $ 1500 and felt that the quality control of the company is very poor. He had ordered cabinet bathroom, all very messy because the drawers are not included in the square to the front, so that one side sticks out through the door. It is immediately obvious that something was wrong. Fieldstone seems to be no quality control.

Quality control is also felt badly other customers, for the past four years has this cabinet he feels that the quality is not consistent given. Cat in the cabinet began to trouble; especially when there is damage to all be replaced even he has changed three times. Major problems and they will not pay for any labor to fix their problems. It can be very expensive, thousands of dollars.

Not just quality control, other customers also feel the quality is poor at customer service owned by Fieldstone. Nice finish on the cabinet. Fieldstone will not pay to repair or defect. Box is not square and the pieces do not fit. Even the customers have to pay and fix it yourself; it is because Fieldstone refused to refund the money.

Regardless of these accusations, Pros and Cons in Fieldstone Cabinets Reviews are always there. Today comes a statement supporting the Fieldstone. A customer feels that the cabinet has been owned from Fieldstone highly qualified, catalog images on exactly the same as what is delivered. They look chic and great, as these option custom cabinets are also considered very precise and unique. They are very smooth and clear, with no color starch. Over the past two years has this cabinet there is nothing disappointing, he loved it.

Perfection also came from a customer the other; he considers that this option is very unusual. The color on the cherry wood is very natural and beautiful, very elegant display style and fits perfectly with the kitchen has. All the flexibility to flow indefinitely, even once considered poor service has become very professional and pleasant. The installer is very fast and neat, Fieldstone has even made a recommendation for those who want to get into the cabinet and service best package.

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