Small Kitchen Island Ideas

Small Kitchen Island Ideas for Narrow Kitchen

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Small Kitchen Island exactly will be a perfect choice for narrow kitchen. There are many small models that are available but some may think that use own design will be more interesting. Moreover, designing the small one will be easier since the elements on it are quite less.  Designing a small model is also more challenging since you should make to have maximized function so that it has a good efficiency for your narrow kitchen.  This can be done by planning what kind of model that can cover your need in the kitchen. If you do not really use kitchen often, perhaps a simple kitchen island model will be suitable. However, if you use the kitchen every day you may design the kitchen island with some storage although its size is small.

Small Kitchen Islands

Small Kitchen Island

Small Kitchen Island With Wheels

Small Kitchen Island With Storage

There are many models of small kitchen islands that provide unique looks in narrow kitchen.  One of the models that has unique look is rustic kitchen island. The wood elements of Kitchen Island with modern touch will give warm and strong look to the kitchen. To create calming look in your narrow kitchen, vintage kitchen island can be a perfect selection. The soapstone for the top combined with vintage table legs will add cottage look.

Small Kitchen Island With Stools

Small Kitchen Island With Sink

Small Kitchen Island With Seating

Small Kitchen Island Ideas

If you want to design your own kitchen island, then you can get inspirations from small kitchen island ideas.  For small size, Kitchen Island commonly is complemented with extra storage such as racks for bottles, pull out drawers, or open storage. There are also some other that are designed with shelves to place recipe books. Portable Kitchen Island is another good idea for narrow kitchen. The portable style mostly is made into rolling cart table so that it can be moved easily.  Portable model usually are best-fit with various kind of space, whether it will be placed in the centre or in corner.

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