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Pros and Cons from Shenandoah Cabinets Reviews

Often people come to the reviews to find the real information of a product, so when you are planning to buy a cabinet from Shenandoah. Pros and Cons from Shenandoah Cabinets Reviews, you should know is to find things you never know. There are so many statements that arise from the consumer, there is a negative but also positive you all depend on your point of view of a consumer.

In an online site that states that no consumer is not maximizing cabinet space, is seen from the point of view of the room. Consumers assume that under the cabinet panel is to prevent the use of the majority of the cabinet, there is a lot of space is wasted. This cabinet does not match the item bowls, besides of shelf space is also very bad and very bad drawer design. On the other hand there is a comment that the coloring is very beautiful and varied, but poor in quality. The installer of the Lowes also very horrible, they work very rude even been solved valance over the sink.

Shenandoah Cabinets Reviews

In some looking at other comments from the sending side, in this case considered no quality inspection before shipping, consumer who wrote this hope no new customers are stuck, when they are broken he hoped to find spare parts to rebuild his cabinet. When sent home cabinet devastated condition, when ordering parts again have to wait up to ten days. Consumers do not recommend Shenandoah to you; there are many things in the works, including poor quality and service.

Then there are also consumers who think of the terrible quality, similar to other consumers. Consumers who received a bad part, from the crooked shelves, drawers for cutlery that can not move freely, and many other things, some racks are also considered to be too narrow, until now he had never bought it. They are very expensive for the poor quality, even when the issue was brought to the Shenandoah they offer a $ 100 credit was terrible.

Pros and Cons from Shenandoah Cabinets Reviews are always side by side, after all the bad comments now there are also consumers who view of the interior. Shenandoah considered good enough as a base cabinet custom made. Services provided when the cabinets were purchased defective very well, at that rack fell on top of one another. When this problem was brought to the company, they are willing to replace the cabinet without pay $ 250 for the labor to remove damaged cabinet and install a new one.

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