Pictures of Kitchen Islands: the Useful Extra Workstation

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In home design world, you will meet the term of kitchen islands. Kitchen island is an extra workstation that stands in the middle and is not connected to the common kitchen counter attached on the wall.

pictures of kitchen islands with cooktops

pictures of kitchen islands with pendant lighting

This one is very useful since we can design it to be various things just like what you see in many pictures of kitchen islands. It is often used to place another sink on top and even oven and storages below. However, it will be much wonderful to turn it into dining table as well.

pictures of kitchen islands with seating

pictures of kitchen islands with sinks

You can use half of the countertop near the main kitchen counter as your additional workstation, while the half of the opposite side can be used as dining table. Put some chairs too. If you are confused, you can look at pictures of kitchen islands for inspiration.

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