painting kitchen cabinets white

painting kitchen cabinets white

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Seven Tips Painting Kitchen Cabinets White

Cabinet is the part that has an important role for the kitchen looks better, especially if they’re very good condition only has to look dull. You would think to renovate them, if so then your choice would fall on the painting and the color you want is probably white. Here is Seven Tips Painting Kitchen Cabinets White; this course will help you to get best results.

painting kitchen cabinets white

The first tip is to make sure your kitchen cabinet is clean of nails and screws; this is done before you start the painting job. All your hardware store put it in a safe place. Then the second tip, you should clean up any dust, dirt and stains from the surface of the kitchen cabinet and make sure they are completely clean and dry.

Then in the third tip, you should not forget to use primer sealer on the surface. Furthermore, if done amazing is high on your priority list, then it makes sense to invest in good quality paint brush is the fourth tip. And the fifth tip in the Seven Tips Painting Kitchen Cabinets White is the color of wood turn to coat some oil paint enamel lined, hi-gloss or semi gloss can be your choice.

And on the sixth tip you can start painting, do it carefully and do not rush. Make sure that this is a weekend project and devote sufficient time for it. You will need at least 2-3 layers of paint to finish it amazing. And the last tip is to do glazing technique, is very popular for bringing forward-looking beauty of wood kitchen cabinets.

Now the Seven Tips Painting Kitchen Cabinets White, of course you can easily build a more vibrant atmosphere to your kitchen. This way you also can save money, you do not need to buy new kitchen cabinets, but can make your old cabinets look like new with the painting process, good luck.

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