Red Kitchen Islands Design

Paint Your Old Kitchen Island into Red Kitchen Island

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When you bored with your old kitchen decoration and design you can always try to update it by renew the kitchen appliance and kitchen furniture. The easiest and cheapest way to renew your kitchen item is by repaint them like you always can paint your old kitchen island into red kitchen island. Kitchen island is the central kitchen area which you usually prepared your dishes and the place where you can cook the food. When you renew the kitchen island then mostly you will get fresh decoration in your kitchen area. One of the best colors which you can get for your kitchen island is red color which becomes a symbol of elegant, strong, modern decorations.

Red Kitchen Island Granite Top

Red Kitchen Island Lighting

Red Kitchen Island With Stools

Red Kitchen Island With Stainless Steel Top

For those who want to have red kitchen island then you need to match it with kitchen decoration. The red color from kitchen island matches well with modern kitchen decoration than country or traditional kitchen decoration. Moreover, if you have white kitchen design then you can complete it with red kitchen island since both of them will go well each other. You can add other color on your red kitchen island such as the sink. You can change your old sink into black kitchen sink since black and red colors complement each other. The backsplash will be better with white tiles for the kitchen island.

Red Portable Kitchen Island

Red Painted Kitchen Island

Red Kitchen Island

Red Kitchen Islands Design

Do not forget to complete your red kitchen island with the storage. You need to paint the storage so it will look new and fresh. Moreover, you can hang beautiful kitchen lighting above the kitchen island. Choose modern kitchen lighting and hang it above the island so it will illuminate you while you prepare the dish or when you cook the food. When you decide to have kitchen island with red color then you also can decorate the kitchen with other red items such as the window treatment and kitchen chairs.

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