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Medallion Cabinets Reviews

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Know about Medallion Cabinets Reviews

There are many ways to find out what services are able to be given a company to you, when you come to the cabinets manufacturer  then you also will find the best if you have useful information. Medallion is known as a skilled producer, has the best material and makes products according to accuracy. Apart from that there are some things you need to Know about Medallion Cabinets Reviews.

medallion cabinets reviews2

Reviews this time comes to give you the best topics, one of which is quite popular maple pearl. A customer order, the goods do not arrive until taking 3 weeks. However a problem arises, it is said that the cabinet is not as white as the color sample, almost pink. Besides the issue of color, there is also another problem on the white beaded board panels where the finish did not go. The last problem is the rough pieces, of these problems a customer is very upset and said that Medallion very unprofessional especially not having quick step troubleshooting.

Not only negative comment that appears there are also positive testimonials about the Medallion of existence as an independent supplier. In comparison to big stores prices offered here are lower, there are several options to facilitate your order broad, but it is also sent to the supplier deliveries, and you can pick them up right when you need it. When a customer does not need to change the design of repairs, send Medallion trim piece that only takes about 1 week.

As we know, there are always pros and cons, and in particular the comments about Pecan Cherry Cabinet are quite disappointing from a customer. A book of this type, it is said that the manufacturer does not match the product. When first installed they are very nice, but after a year becomes discolored. Discoloration occurs in some parts, not only in every cabinet door / drawer cabinet’s adjacent but different primary colors, red, orange, gold and brown. This customer has tried to contact, but it is regrettable that they run away from responsibility and always have a reason to avoid them.

Product offered is not in accordance with their flyers, not soft and attractive as in the brochure. Other customers were very disappointed, they have spent a lot of money for this cabinet but no consistency fundamental principles and adapted to catalogs or brochures. Apart from the good and bad comments, you may be able to find reviews that a lot more so there is another consideration to decide.

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