Medallion Cabinets Price List

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Compare Medallion Cabinets Price List

Price list can sometimes be heavily hunted parts consumers, was conducted to prepare a budget the best. The same is done when it comes to the selection of the cabinet, is the manufacturer of the popular Medallion. Compare Medallion Cabinets List Price with other products would be to your liking, there are unexpected things that look beautiful, superior quality and friendly price becomes part of the Medallion and you can get because there is a unique and fresh in their design you can even embed the style and a personal touch to this cabinet.

Style doors are thick, rich texture and a lot of wood choices are best given to the customer, you can choose the look of tropical or antique all depends on what you want to highlight. A cabinet of Medallion comes with standard features such as 3/4-inch solid wood dovetail drawers, solid wood doorframe construction, hidden hinges and drawer guides and 3/4-inch adjustable shelves. There is various options extensive wood such as cherry, maple, oak, alder, hickory and oak quarter sawn. Choose from a wide range of doors, finishes, accessories, hardware, and island hoods, too.

Medallion Cabinets Price List

Medallion has 4 basic products namely platinum, gold, designer and silverline and of course each has a point’s basis with prices varying. As a company known as semi-custom, balance, style and of course the price deemed reasonable, offers given certainly not expensive, if you compare Medallion Cabinets Price List to the other then the cabinet semi – custom they offer the best price with unlimited style for you.

So common that you can find at an affordable price of Medallion, in fact they are highly dependent on the price of the product line, the size of your kitchen, closet style you choose and optional features and upgrades. You can pay from about $ 15,000 to upwards of $ 50,000. However, most homeowners with an average size kitchen will pay in the range of $ 20,000 to $ 40,000. This may seem expensive, but their quality is designed for final selection of sturdy and strong to survive decades with limited lifetime warranty.

Actual purchase decision should not be limited to the comparison of price alone; it needs to do the research you need to set the price for the budget. On the other hand you also have to examine what makes this cabinet expensive, consumer reviews is also helpful to examine how their service history. Medallion Cabinets is a manufacturer that offers free kitchen cabinet installer double, if you compare with the other only in terms of price then this is not enough.

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