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Green Koch Cabinets in Koch Cabinets Reviews

Koch Cabinets Reviews

Koch Cabinets

Koch is known as a manufacturer of eco-friendly cabinet, since its founding in 1989 the company does have a good reputation. The focus of this division is the kitchen cabinets to semi-custom product quality at affordable prices. Maintaining tradition with expertise as a pioneer movement "green" became a mission that never stop, because it Green Koch Cabinets in Koch Cabinets Reviews for your support, should see and find the best information.

There are several things that make a company with more than 140 dealers in 18 countries is a green cabinet, in addition to quality and service, and reasonable prices they also have some applications to be green cabinet. Currently, Koch is the most sought after producers in the market, especially all those cabinet KCMA certified because it has more than 10 years as a full member of the KCMA.

Recycled into the main application into a green cabinet, Koch implemented various recycling programs such as cardboard, solvents, dust, and paper. Computers have been installed throughout the production plant so that the log can be seen instead of printing them every day. Another application is the reduction of waste production, while manufacturing takes place the cabinet saws optimized results. The higher value of the pre-shredded wood was purchased, reducing waste of natural materials and reduce the energy used to transport waste away.

There is also a line of FLAT SPRAY system, the program is a new system implemented to reduce natural gas by 20%. The system is also used for finishing; these systems typically release Hazard Air Pollutants into the environment significantly. This will reduce Volatile Organic Compounds to be emitted; finish scratched from the machine at the end of the day then recycled the next day.

Efficient Lighting also applied, high-efficiency fluorescent lighting has been installed at the production plant area Koch, reducing energy use by 25%. In terms of transportation is also very helpful movement "green cabinet" of Koch, they encourage employees from a distance to the pool by purchasing a van to transport employees to work. Hybrid cars have also been purchased for traveling sales people.

In conclusion, Green Koch Cabinets in Koch Cabinets Reviews discusses about the various programs are applied to support the creation of the best cabinet that does not damage the environment. Overall the product of Koch not only beautiful, qualified and affordable but also very friendly to the environment, if you are interested to find the best without making the cabinet becomes damaged, perhaps Koch may be the best option.

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