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Five Popular Kitchen Cabinets Design

There are various designs of kitchen cabinets to choose from on the market, but in this article there are Five Popular Kitchen Cabinets Design is deliberately chosen to give you the best preference. The first is the traditional design, some materials that can be used is Cherry, walnut or mahogany colors are available in the traditional kitchen cabinets. Usually comes with the traditional style of Italianate design, Georgia and Victoria, of course it was incredible.

Then the second design is the Country Kitchen, for materials design usually uses material Oak or Cherry with raised panel coated or painted. These cabinets provide a natural look to your kitchen because they themselves have the look of natural light is usually oak or pine. In order to give the appearance of age, country kitchen cabinets are painted white with a distressed finish.

For those of you who love contemporary design, the design is included in the Five Popular Kitchen Cabinets Design. This design leads towards a modern, curved or geometric. No use of ornamentation or molding in this design, to the color you can find them in white, stainless steel or bright colors with typical horizontal open cabinet doors.

The fourth design is a transition and, in fact it can be said of the changes in contemporary and traditional designs, but rather on what a combination. This transitional cabinet was designed using a mixture of artificial and natural ingredients, of course, the results are very impressive and this is sure to make your kitchen more beautiful.

And the last design of Five Popular Kitchen Cabinets Design is Rustic design; cabinet is designed with a rustic impression more closely with the peaceful atmosphere. These designs typically use materials such as hickory wood, pine or alder is a very complicated fine. There is a flat panel door system available in the cabinet. Some stain colors are commonly available in rural closet yellow, red and green.

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