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Inviting Kitchen Islands with Seating Designs

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Kitchen Islands with seating commonly becomes a choice for those whose kitchen is small. The main reason why people tend to choose this kitchen island is to provide spacious look in this narrow room. In common use, Kitchen Island is employed to prepare meals and stores dine stuffs. However, some people who like casual interior design or have small house tend to use it as ideal seating area for breakfast or enjoying a cup of coffee in their leisure time.  The most important thing if you want to add seating to the kitchen island is considering the space of that will be used for dining and how high the chairs that will be suitable with the kitchen island. Common Kitchen Island can cover 4 seating. But there is also bigger model that can catch 6 seating.

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Kitchen Islands With Seating For 2

Kitchen Islands With Seating For 4

There are numerous inviting kitchen islands with seating designs that you can try to apply in your kitchen. In the country kitchen, you can try to use wooden kitchen island with soapstone countertop. To combine that, you can choose upholstered stool with back. Other model of stool saddle come from wooden or leather will also best-fit with wooden kitchen island. If you want to show modern look in your kitchen, then sleek materials will be suitable for the kitchen island.

Kitchen Islands With Seating Ikea

Kitchen Islands With Seating

Kitchen Islands With Seating Pictures

Metal Kitchen Island with its stools will not only give ultramodern look to the kitchen but also elegant look.  The sink and storages that attached in it combined with the clean surface will make it look more efficient. You may design the kitchen island with bar style. The kitchen island is made in horseshoe-shaped with stone base countertop. Place some chairs in front of the kitchen island. The unique shape of it allows good interaction with guests even when the homeowner prepares the meals.

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