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Invite Kitchen Natural Appeal with Unfinished Kitchen Island

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Unfinished kitchen island is good way to invite natural ambience in the kitchen. When talk about unfinished materials, it mostly comes in various kind of wood. Only natural wood without has being painted or varnished. By choosing unfinished materials, people mean to exhibit the originality of the materials. It is quite a good choice since some people may better like natural look. Some may also think that the originality of wood has its own attractiveness that they won’t get if it is painted. Choosing unfinished materials for kitchen island also means that people can decide the next treatment for it freely.

Unfinished Kitchen Island With Seating

Unfinished Kitchen Island Base

Unfinished Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

There are numerous ways to treats many types of unfinished kitchen islands. The simplest way that you can do is just make it as the original condition. Unfinished shelving or storage in the kitchen island is not only offer natural look but also welcoming for people when they first entering the kitchen. Moreover, it can be created in to more casual look by combining the unfinished materials with metal or other sleek materials.  Rustic appeal also can be got from this material especially if it is placed in traditional design kitchen.  Wooden types of materials that look really stunning unfinished comes from mahogany and cherry.

Unfinished Kitchen Island Cabinets

Unfinished Kitchen Island

Unfinished Kitchen Islands

Choosing unfinished kitchen island base can be a starting point in deciding the design of all part of kitchen island, since it has two main parts; countertop and base. After you have chosen the base, commonly the countertop will follow the design. You can choose the base from various models. The common model of unfinished base is table. However, for more efficient use, unfinished base also can be made into portable style. Trolley or cart with its functional wheels perhaps can be a good model for unfinished base since it can be moved easily.


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