Interior Designers and the Misconceptions Surrounding Them

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Many people don’t like the idea of hiring interior designers. There are three common misconceptions about them that clouded the minds of many people. Because of these three misconceptions, many people spend time reading or scanning interior magazines or checking home improvement TV shows.

Interior Designers and the Misconceptions Surrounding Them

  • Cost. Many people think that interior designers charge expensive fee and cannot be compromised. However, ASID states that the fees are flexible. The high leveled designers might charge more expensive price. They can be paid per hour or even paid with a commission. An interior designer can work to supervise and direct home project in the household’s stead and household can ask for suggestion or ideas to make a better interior.
  • Overriding Vision. This fear is common. However, it is time to push this fear away because it is not true. Interior designers are professionals who work for their client and they will follow what their clients want. A home owner needs only to say what he wants and the designer will agree or even disagree to take the job.
  • DIY is Good. Yes, indeed. Some people find joy in shopping furniture and such. Some people misinterpret interior designers as interior decorators. The truth is they can handle various tasks necessary for better home. They can handle storage, home acoustics, space planning, building materials and a lot others. They are specialized workers of universal design and often coordinating with architects, contractors and the subcontractors within a team for a project.

Hiring interior designers is not a bad idea considering all abilities they have. When hiring a designer, be sure to ask for designer’s license because it is an important thing to be had by every designer. The license is made by NCDIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification) and standardized for quality.

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