Pastel Blues Kitchen Cabinet Designs 2014

Installing the beautiful kitchen cabinet designs 2014

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The beautiful kitchen cabinet designs 2014 are creation out of the box such as in the ordinary cabinets. The various designs of the cabinet are introduced in the different styles. The built in space racks and the roll out trays will beautify your kitchen. Then, the efficiency design and look become the characteristics of the kitchen cabinet in 2014.

Specialty cabinets


Kitchen Cabinet Designs 2014 With Specialty Cabinets

The specialty cabinets are created with the cookie cutter cabinets. The hidden storage options in the kitchen cabinet are covered for the multi layered pull outs which are designed for dry goods. Then, the spice racks are used for hanging the pans and pots. The perfect layout will be achieved in this cabinet and you will not change or sell the appliances and house for a long time. When you want to create an organized fashion, install the drawers on the counters for organizing the cooking utensils and the silverware.

Distressed finishes

Distressed Finishes Kitchen Cabinet Designs 2014

As the popular choice of the kitchen cabinet in 2014, the distressed finishes provide the aged and of course the distressed. This unique and stylish kitchen cabinet creates unmatched view of the floors and the countertops. The distressed finished can be combined properly with the wood countertop or the subtle marble which are integrated of the front sink. It is suitable for the classic and rustic kitchen style.

Color scheme

Splash Color Kitchen Cabinet Designs 2014

Color plays the important role of the furniture installation and the display of your kitchen. All of the kitchen styles can be seen immediately from the color choosing. The various choices of the color scheme can be chose based on the kitchen design and the personality of the homeowner. Then, the materials choosing of the kitchen cabinet determine the appropriate color painting. For the wooden cabinet, the people prefer to add the splash color and brushing it. The spicy red creates the warm room and the pastel blues can be chose for gaining the beautiful combination of the browns flooring.

Spicy Red Kitchen Cabinet Designs 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Designs 2014

Beautifying the kitchen cabinet is the essential decision since the cabinets will occupy the most kitchen wall space. The kitchen cabinet designs trends 2014 are introduced with two different colors of the painting kitchen cabinets. For example, designer will paint the different color for the cabinet doors or other part of the kitchen cabinet to be lighter or darker color from the base color. Furthermore, the beautiful kitchen color will affect the soul and mood of the room.

Pastel Blues Kitchen Cabinet Designs 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Designs Trends 2014


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