Home Improvement Tips – Tips to Improve Your Deck

Friday, August 1st 2014. | Kitchen, News

Deck is important part of your home and you must think of the condition of your deck. When you think that you need to improve or repair your deck then it is time for all of you to do deck restoration or renovation. It is not an easy job to do deck restoration and renovation. There are some tricks that people must do when they want to do deck renovation or restoration such as remove the old finishes, mildew and also dirt. Before you are busy with the process, it is important for people to know some ingredients for deck restoration or renovation.

Home Improvement Tips – Tips to Improve Your Deck

What you need is deck stripper. It can be made from sodium hydroxide. You can mix sodium hydroxide with water first before you use it. Second, you will need deck brightener. It is available in some hardware store and deck supplies. Third, you need deck stainer that is suitable with original color or your deck. When you have already prepared all things above, you need to do some tips below.


For all of you who want to do deck renovation you need to do first step First step is preparation. You need to hose all vegetation near your deck and then cover with plastic. You can use water pressure machine to clean all parts of your deck. Second, you can continue to inspect cracks and some other damage. You need to replace all corroded nails, fasteners and also screws. Third, you need to remove all stains and also old warmish. In this step you can apply deck stripper. You need to rinse the deck several times to ensure all things are clean. You need to read instructions to use deck brightener too. in the last step, you need to use deck stainer. You need to apply deck stainer top to down and only one section at time.

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