Kitchen Cabinet Styles For 2014

Finding The Stylish And Attracted Kitchen Cabinet Styles 2014

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As the soul and central point of the kitchen, cabinet will always play the important role and become the first furniture that should be installed. In 2014, there are various designs and styles of the newest kitchen cabinets which can be applied properly for your kitchen styles, whether minimalist, modern, rustic or traditional. Here are the reviews of the most attracted kitchen cabinet styles 2014.

Light and simple

Light and simple kitchen cabinet styles

The sophisticated and timeless kitchen cabinet is reflected in this cabinet style. The light and simple design is created from the white color cabinet choosing for achieving the light and clean look of the kitchen cabinet. This cabinet style is suitable for the traditional, modern and cottage kitchen.

Floor to ceiling cabinetry

Floor to ceiling cabinetry Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The kitchen cabinet styles for 2014 provide the multifunctional cabinet. The floor to ceiling cabinetry is the great styles for your modern kitchen design which is created in the huge cabinet for saving all of your stuffs in the kitchen. You can use this cabinet as the bank of your small appliances or the everyday dishes. Then, this cabinet can be used for the limitation space which is separated the kitchen and other area in your house.

Built in appliance

Built in appliance Kitchen Cabinet Styles 2014

This cabinet style is easy to create and widely used for the kitchen in all around the world. The efficient, intelligent and the feature packed are the complete combination of this kitchen cabinet. Then, you will get the cohesive look in your kitchen.

Open shelving and glass front cabinet

Open shelving and glass front cabinet Kitchen Cabinet Styles 2014

The beautiful modern kitchen cabinet is created in the open shelving style. This is used for focusing on the utilization of the limited materials. As the decoration, you can paint the shelf walls or the cabinet. When you like the glamour design, the wood shelves or the colored glass is the best choice. Ensure that you have determined what the stuff that will be place in.

Not a square

Not a square Kitchen Cabinet Styles


Have you ever think to create the different shape of the kitchen cabinet. This is the sophisticated shape. The pentagon or oval kitchen cabinet will create the sophisticated look for the unique and inviting kitchen. You can add the different cabinetry or the custom countertop of the existing island design. The best kitchen cabinet styles 2014 are the personal taste. You can choose you own design which is suitable and appropriate with your lifestyle, kitchen design and the budget allocation. Then, the best kitchen cabinet will be yours.

Kitchen Cabinet Styles For 2014

Kitchen Cabinet Styles 2014

Best Kitchen Cabinet Styles 2014


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