New Kitchen Designs 2014

Finding the best new kitchen designs 2014

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It is 2014. There are various kitchen designs that are introduced for you. For reminding you the interesting and sophisticated look of the new kitchen designs 2014. The modern and invited designs are widely used in the urban houses. Then, what are they?  Let us check this one out.

Interesting & colorful splash backs

Interesting & colorful splashbacks kitchen designs

The colorful and interesting splash back is the popular choice in 2014. The new kitchen designs for 2014 come with the interesting pattern, colorful splashes and the exotic design. Those splash backs create the minimalistic view of the kitchen.

Scone lighting

Scone lighting kitchen designs

Scone lighting is the popular choice for your kitchen in showing the hidden spots under cupboard or the specific place that need the adding lighting. Commonly, the scone lighting is made by the rustic meal fixing, brass and the copper. Those lighting gives the traditional feel on your kitchen. For the new kitchen designs 2014, the popular lighting comes from the directional scone lighting. For the natural tones, you can choose the traditional brass fixture. Then, the modern kitchen design prefers to choose the Scandinavian design.

Burst of blue

Burst of blue kitchen designs

Blue is the best color in 2014 which is widely used for painting the kitchen design ideas. If you do not like too blue color you can mix the colors for creating the best appearance and view of your kitchen wall. The uplifting sky blues, soothing navy blues and the energetic electric turquoise can be combined together based on your taste and the kitchen accessories on the kitchen.

Au natural

Au natural kitchen designs


Will you have the newest kitchen design in your house? Yes, you should choose this color which is introduces as the revolutionize kitchen industry. This new kitchen design 2014 is completed with the brick veneer walls, black brown doors, natural wood countertops and the copper accessories for creating the apartment conversion feel. Here, you get the big chance for using the natural wood, natural walls and the stone counter tops for decorating your kitchen. the natural materials will be widely used in your new kitchen.

Black countertops

Black countertops kitchen designs

This is the simple and best way in creating the vocal point of your kitchen. The black countertops can be installed for achieving the sophisticated look from the black granite or the quartz. It can be combined and contrasted with the cool white interior as the timeless furniture choosing. The new kitchen designs for 2014 completely beautify your kitchen with the new and sophisticated design.

New Kitchen Designs 2014

New Kitchen Design 2014

Kitchen Design 2014

Best kitchen design 2014

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