Custom Kitchen Islands

Custom Kitchen Islands

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Kitchen is the one room in home that is multi-functional. Nowadays, kitchen is not used as the cooking room only, but family member can enjoy their foods or beverages in the kitchen while chit-chat directly. If you want to enjoy tea-time with your family, one way that you have to do is choose one of custom kitchen islands and install it into your kitchen. Have you known about kitchen island? This is the big box that is installed in the center of kitchen room and it has many functions actually. Do you want to know more about the kitchen island? Let’s get information and some ideas about custom kitchen island in the next part.

Custom Kitchen Islands Countertop

Custom Kitchen Islands Designs

Custom Kitchen Islands Ideas

Custom Kitchen Islands with Seating

Custom Kitchen islands have similar function with dining table but more special that that. Kitchen island also can be the kitchen cabinet, so you can keep all of your kitchenware into some drawers are installed in the kitchen island. Beneath it all, you can make the design of kitchen island by your self or build it custom. Don’t forget to design the seating too because it will not be useful if there are seating close to the kitchen island. If your kitchen island is large enough, you can put around 4 -5 chairs, so it can be the alternative of dining table.

Custom Kitchen Islands Pictures

Custom Kitchen Islands With Seating

Custom Kitchen Islands

Custom Kitchen Island Ideas

There are some shape ideas of kitchen island that can be applied into your kitchen. If your kitchen has luxury design, it will be good if your kitchen island has L-shape design. With this design, you can get the unordinary custom kitchen islands, because you can modify it with cushion seating. It is totally unique because you don’t need to arrange some chairs, use the other side of the kitchen island to be the seating. The color combination that can be used in your luxury kitchen is natural white for kitchen island and dark-brown for other kitchen cabinets.

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