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Create Amazing Ambience in Your Kitchen with White Kitchen Island

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White Kitchen Island is a perfect choice to bring crisp and clean look in the kitchen. The use of white as neutral colour in the kitchen island makes it easier to be combined with other colours and styles. The white colour mostly used in the in modern or minimalist kitchen to bring cool and sleek appearance.  Still in modern kitchen, white colour is often combining with black colour to create dramatic look. That idea can be applied by using white colour for the Kitchen Island and black for its countertop.

White Kitchen Island Breakfast Bar

White Kitchen Island With Black Top

White Kitchen Island With Granite Top

White Kitchen Island With Natural Top

There are other styles that can be created using various models of white kitchen islands.  Besides creating modern look, Kitchen Island with white colour is effective to create warm and inviting ambience to the kitchen as well. Some of them may offer vintage look such as white kitchen island that is made from traditional wood combined with chopping block countertop. You do not need to always use different colours for the base and countertop. Using white colour on both base and countertop is also very nice. Moreover, it can offer serene and peaceful atmosphere in the kitchen. However, people frequently a bit worried by using white as the top since it will prove any stain easily so that it needs to be clean often. It can be overcome with the various choices of stone that can replace white countertop.

White Kitchen Island With Wheels

White Kitchen Island With Wood TopWhite Kitchen Island


One of the types of stones that good to be used as counter top is granite.  White Kitchen Island with granite top is perfect way to invite warm and antique look in the kitchen. The combination of white wooden base and dark granite is very stunning and will make it as visual focus in your kitchen. Moreover, it can tailor with several kitchen designs. The traditional kitchen with vintage style will be more complete with this kitchen island. Contemporary kitchen even will be warmer if you place this kitchen island in it.

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