Colors Combination of Painting Kitchen Cabinets Pics

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Collide two bright colors is not always be a bad idea. As long as we know how to combine two of them, surely we get what is wished. Do not be afraid in choosing bright color for the kitchen. Italian houses and gardens has prove that bright colors can unite into one as depicted in painting kitchen cabinets pics.

painting kitchen cabinets antique white

painting kitchen cabinets black

Get lemon and lime as the first idea in painting kitchen cabinets pics of colors combination in the kitchen. These bright yet soft colors can give freshness to the appearance of the room. You can also put some furniture in dark colors that you want to make them looks more visible. The second idea of colors combination can arouse your spirit in cooking by mixing yellow and red in the kitchen. Put yellow as the wall colors, while red is for the kitchen cabinets and some furniture.

painting kitchen cabinets diy

painting kitchen cabinets white

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