Bushboard has re-launched its Nuance range of bathroom surfacing

Bushboard Open Day for Professional Installers

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Strengthening brand awareness is very crucial in the middle of highly competitive market. Strong brand awareness will create higher loyalty and it means you can maintain your market with bigger possibility to expand it. For most retail products, building strong brand awareness is intended mostly to end consumer but for several industries like building materials and home decoration products, it is very crucial to build strong awareness among professional builders and installers.

Bushboard has re-launched its Nuance range of bathroom surfacing

Building strong brand awareness as well as improving quality of installation work is the main goal for Bushboard to host open day to professional installers and retailers. Bushboard is UK’s leading manufacturer of high quality materials for kitchen and bathroom decoration. Its products are ranging from worktops, work surfaces, upstands and backsplashes known for high quality materials and finishes. There are lines of products from Bushboards dedicated to different style of interior decoration. Bushboard realizes that along with independent retailers, professional installers have big influence to end consumer to choose certain products for the kitchen or bathroom and building strong brand awareness among professional installers will bring huge impact to the company’s sales.

Bushborad announced that the open will be held at August and the company HQ at Wellingborough will expect more than 2,000 people of retailers and installers. The open day event is the big moment for the company to introduce their lines of products including its latest lines and to accentuate its strong points compared to competitors’ products. For professional installers, Bushboard is also offering special event of training and workshop. It allows the installers to learn from Bushboard expert team on how to work with its lines of products and improve their installation skill. They will also learn what kind of benefits they can get using products from Bushboard as it is designed to be easy to install with highest precision.

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