British Colors of Antiqued Kitchen Cabinets Pictures and Photos

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Brown and crème become the colors that dominate the antiqued kitchen cabinets pictures and photos. Brown seems to be the safest color to be taken for the vintage designed room. Trying other classic colors is not forbidden. There are many classic colors that fit to antique kitchen cabinets. These colors can also inspire you in turning your kitchen cabinets into something classic.

antiqued kitchen cabinets  with paint

antiqued kitchen cabinets pictures and photos

Celedon crackle is the color that is rarely found around antiqued kitchen cabinets pictures and photos. Using celedon crackle as the color of your kitchen cabinets can be matched by crème wall color. Sky blue color in the kitchen cabinets can also be the color that matches to the white wall. In applying these colors, make sure that you also bring the vintage items into the kitchen to enliven the theme.

antiqued kitchen cabinets with glaze

antiqued kitchen cabinets with stain

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