kitchen colors ideas 2014

Beautifying your kitchen with the modern kitchen colors ideas 2014

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The sophisticated kitchen design in 2014 cannot be separated with the beautiful colors choosing for painting the kitchen walls. Then, how to choose the right colors for your kitchen? This article will give you the review of the kitchen colors ideas 2014 which are widely used for coloring the kitchen walls.

Serenity of white

Serenity of white kitchen colors ideas 2014

White is the natural color which inspires all of the kitchen design. As the base color, white can be combined with the various kitchen furniture. Then, as the different spot, the painting kitchen shelves with the white accentuate is the beautiful choices. White color can be applied in the different backsplash and the kitchen cabinets that you have.

The funky orange splash

The funky orange splash kitchen colors ideas 2014

Orange kitchen color provides the playfulness and the brightness kitchen design ideas. This is the inviting kitchen design which will replace the unexciting and the dark kitchen. You can paint your kitchen with the orange color for all of the walls or even a single part of them. The orange kitchen cabinet will get the presence felt of the burnt orange accent in your modern kitchen design. The combination of other colors creates the brand new kitchen such as white, grey or the light shades.

Bold and minimal black

Bold and minimal black kitchen colors ideas 2014

Commonly, people choose the black color as the primary choices of the new kitchen cabinets. This is the well-defined line which creates the clean, lacquered and the glossy surfaces. The great combination of the black and white kitchen shelves is the perfect design of your modern kitchen. Then, when you like the red color, it can be combined perfectly with the black color for the prominent and audacious appearance.

The sophisticated red color

The sophisticated red color kitchen colors ideas 2014

Red is the best color choosing for you who want to find the contemporary, classy or the retro setting. The shiny color of the red will give the inviting and the beautiful spot of your kitchen wall. When you want to get the perfect combination and avoid the whole red in your modern kitchen design, combine it with the white and black colors. The combination provides the beautiful kitchen design in the modern style.

kitchen colors ideas 2014

Those colors are the popular choosing for the modern kitchen colors 2014. You can combine your favorite color for creating the comfortable and beautiful color on your kitchen. Everything color you chose, it will show your personality and taste in decorating and beautifying your kitchen. Be smart painter!


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