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It must be great when we imagine about living in an Italian villas every day with romantic mood and beautiful scenery. It must also be great if we can live in old warmth of rustic European farmhouse. At least, people will be able to enjoy the combination of both styles with tuscan kitchen ideas. The color which is applied in the kitchen is inspired by nature. The texture maybe is rough but people can the real warmth and comfort in the kitchen. There is no question that people will be able to enjoy cooking much more.

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Tuscan Kitchen Décor

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Tuscan Kitchen Ideas Decor

For getting the kitchen with Tuscan style, people do not have to worry that they must spend a lot of money because there are some affordable ways which can be used. The tuscan kitchen ideas on a budget is started by applying the right paint. Painting will be the cheapest option which people can use for getting the Tuscan look in their kitchen. The paint color should reflect nature which is inspired from so many natural events from red and orange of sunset, sage green, dove wing’s gray white, autumn leaves’ bronze. Painting technique such as ragging or sponging will be suitable for getting rough texture appearance of plaster or stucco. Bright grass green and geranium red color will be useful for popping the door and window trim.

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Tuscan Kitchen Ideas

Fabric will also be great option of tuscan kitchen decor. Various things in the kitchen will use fabric from napkins to dish towels. The fabric in the kitchen with Tuscan style should be chosen from nature based color. The pattern can be chosen from the floral, stripes, and solids option. Simple linen can be used for the window but fragile lace curtain will also work well for the kitchen. As for furniture, people should choose the furniture which can reflect the old farmhouse which has rustic style. Copper or iron accent will also be great to enhance the Tuscan look in the kitchen.

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