Kitchen Island Designs With Bar Stools

Abundance Casual Models of Small Kitchen Island with Stools

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Small Kitchen Island with stools is one of the simple ways to maximize the function of the kitchen. It will make room more efficient since it unite two functions in one furniture, a kitchen function and dine table function. There are many ways to bring Kitchen Island in your kitchen. The simplest way that you can do is just placing some stools in one side of the kitchen island. The most important way that you need to consider is the numbers of stools that will match with the small kitchen island. Small Kitchen Island usually cannot cover many people. Hence, 2 or 3 stools are the common numbers that used for it.

Small Movable Kitchen Island With Stools

Small Kitchen Island With Stools

Small Kitchen Island With Bar Stools

When it comes to Kitchen Island with stool we cannot separate it with bar style. That is why it is not surprising that many people tend to choose small kitchen island with bar stools for their small kitchen. Kitchen island with bar style comes in wide variety of choices include shapes, sizes, and colours. Kitchen Island with bar stools is also good way to bring informal dining ambience.  Moreover, the casual look of it is best-fit for daily use for small family. It is can create welcoming atmosphere to the guests in particular occasion.

Small Kitchen Island Tables With Stools

Small Black Kitchen Island With Stools

Kitchen Island Designs With Bar Stools

The materials that is used for bar stools are also very various.  Starting from the modern style that made from metal to the rustic style that comes from wood can be found easily. Fabric-covered bar stool is another model that quite popular. One thing that should be considered when choosing this style is the fabric that is used. Make sure that the fabric has good durability and resist from water or another stain so that it will easier for you to clean it.  Most of casual model is design in backless model. However, there are also other models that are designed with arm for more comfortable sitting position.

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