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What is a Kosher Kitchen Mean

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What is a kosher kitchen? This question often arises on internet especially at search engine suggestion box. Therefore at this moment what exactly is a kosher kitchen will be explained in detail with purpose of providing a brief description about kosher kitchen definition. When discussing about  kosher kitchen it is certainly related to the Jewish law i.e Halakhic law framework. The term of kosher food can be defined as food that can be eaten or allowed. This rule can be found in Leviticus book particularly at Leviticus 11:1-47.

What is a kosher kitchen mean

What is a kosher kitchen design

The main concept to make easy to understand What is a kosher kitchen is about the foods such as meat and dairy which forbids to be shaped or form together. Additionally it is not allowed to be mixed. Therefore, it would require a kosher kitchen design for a kosher family home. The configuration for kosher kitchen is to put two sinks and should not be placed close together or lined up with each other.

What is a kosher kitchen

What is a kosher kitchen design

What is a kosher kitchen layout

Kosher family should also have two refrigerators, two ovens as well as two dishwashers that are functionally to separate that kind of food mentioned above do not mix with each other. Counters which are made of porcelain, Formica or tile material should be avoided. It is recommended to design the counters with granite based material.

Special ovens also needed to keep kosher. In this term the Ovens with robust design is critically needed for instance the use of twenty six hours without shutting down i.e from Friday- Saturday (26 hours from sundown until Saturday night). With the configuration as above certainly kosher kitchen will be expensive because of applying the two items in each of its parts (two ovens; two dishwasher etc). Besides, it also requires more space to make kosher kitchen design elegant. But for kosher it is not burdensome because satisfaction is everything.

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Installing the functional kitchen appliance trends 2015

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Designing the beautiful and functional kitchen cannot be separated from the kitchen appliance. The impacts of the technology and the modern kitchen design can be chose as the base of choosing the kitchen appliance. Here are the sophisticated kitchen appliance trends 2015 that will make your kitchen to be more comfortable and enjoyable.

Kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinet plays the important role as the kitchen appliance that should be installed firstly. The choosing of the kitchen cabinet should be based on the size, budget allocation and the kitchen design. in 2015, the kitchen cabinetry come with the concept ‘less is more’. It creates the simple kitchen cabinet but has the huge function.

2015 Kitchen Appliance Trends

The integrated style of the kitchen cabinet from the appliance trends 2015 are the shaker style door treatments and flat panel as the strong design theme. Then, open shelving is the popular choice of the kitchen cabinet which is designed for the easy reach stuffs. The free standing stainless is used as the professional style. You will get the sleek look and the functional cabinet which is combined with the double wall ovens.


For the countertops, granite is the popular choice. It provides the clean appearance of the countertops as the central point of your kitchen design. Then, the other materials such as the stainless steel, butcher block and the other surfaces will give the different thicknesses of your countertop.

Appliance Trends 2015

Open floor design

Floor will be the most important thing in designing the kitchen and room. The new kitchen appliances 2015 make the open floor design for achieving the flexibility and functionality room. The open floor design allows you to combine the various rooms such as dining room, kitchen and laundry as one integrated area. You can choose the natural flooring materials such as stone, ceramic cork or the hardwood. For the color trends, gray and charcoal are the popular choices.

Kitchen Appliance Trends 2015

Going green and integrating technology

As the modern kitchen design, technology cannot be separated in the new kitchen appliances. The operational cost saving can be got from the 2015 kitchen appliances trends which can be chose int eh going green concept. The new design of the integrating technology is the smart home features Wi-Fi appliances which will help you in doing your job when you are cooking and serving the meals. Then, the save technology should be chose with the capability for giving the comfortable and enjoyable kitchen design.

New Kitchen Appliances 2015

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These are the best kitchen cabinet designs 2015

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Finding the best design of the kitchen cabinet is not the big deal to do. Since there are various information and description of the kitchen cabinet, you can explore and chose one of them which attract you most. These kitchen cabinet designs 2015 are available in the different specification, color and installation. Check this out!

Kitchen Cabinet Designs Trends 2015-2

Kitchen Cabinet Designs 2015-1

The modern day appear kitchen cabinet

The lacquered kitchen cabinet is the new trend of the kitchen cabinet. This kitchen cabinet provides the shiny, wealthy and vivid style. It is produced by applying the coats of lacquer which are waxing and polishing for gaining the best result. This kitchen cabinet is available with the scratch resistant which can be chose for you who have the active children.

The modern day appear kitchen cabinet Designs 2015

As the modern kitchen cabinet design, the lacquer cabinet is completed with the higher gloss shine which gives the best color of your kitchen cabinet. You can combine and match it with the others furniture. Since it hast eh glossy sheen, you have to clean it properly.

The veneer wood cabinetry

Veneer is the best choice for you who want to get the warm look on your kitchen cabinet. It can be installed properly on your contemporary kitchen design. The slab veneer doors have been known in the Europe for decades as the popular and high quality kitchen cabinet. The aesthetic color and pattern of the veneer can be modified based on the program nature lovers. Enjoy the warm and masterpiece cabinet from the veneer wood cabinetry for decades.

The veneer wood cabinetry Designs 2015

The present day kitchen cabinets

The sleek white and the black kitchen are chose as the present day kitchen. But, for you who have the different taste, you can choose the cherry red lacquer, vibrant cobalt blue or even the laminate cabinets. Yes, the present day kitchen cabinet can be suited based on your kitchen size, taste and design. The colored cabinet is suggested for you who want to get the flourish color kitchen. Find the statement of your kitchen by installing the present day kitchen cabinet.

The present day kitchen cabinets Designs 2015

Stained wood kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinet designs trends 2015come with the various variation that can be combined for creating the interesting and unique kitchen design. The stained wood kitchen cabinet is the best design for showing the contemporary kitchen style. This is clean, sleek and special design which is created from the historical grain and the shade woods. You will get the back to the nature concept from this kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs Trends 2015-1

Kitchen Cabinet Designs 2015-2

Stained wood kitchen cabinet Designs 2015

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